Speaking of data, let’s talk NCLEX readiness. While concept-based curriculum is growing in popularity, the NCLEX is still aligned more similarly to the framework of a traditional curriculum. This is where ATI’s learning, NCLEX prep and practice and remediation tools are unmatched in preparing your students for the NCLEX. While we can easily support student learning by concept, we still have the strongest tools in the industry for preparing for and predicting NCLEX success.

Learning Tools

Tools like Nurse Logic give students a foundation for learning how to think critically. Tools like Learning Systems give students the application and practice necessary for effective critical reasoning.

NCLEX Prep Tools

Once students near the end of their program, tools like Capstone Content Review, Comprehensive Live NCLEX, Custom Live Review and Mobile Mentor prepare them for NCLEX content and item styles.

Prediction Tools

Finally, tools like Comprehensive Predictor assess students’ comprehension and mastery of basic principles of nursing as they will be presented on the NCLEX with similar percentages of content focus areas as the NCLEX-RN. This tool not only tests and prepares students but also predicts their probability of passing the NCLEX, providing national and program means with suggestions of topics for review based on individual scores.