Engaging videos and practice quizzes will introduce students to the NCLEX and provide an exclusive preview of the Next Generation NCLEX.

Boost Student Confidence         Today with Tomorrow's NCLEX Comprehension.




Students enter nursing school with little to no knowledge about the NCLEX. 


Exposure to NCLEX and Next Generation NCLEX will provide students with early acclimation of NCLEX comprehension, including test-taking tips and strategies. A student’s ability to observe, reflect and analyze all aspects of a patient’s condition – clinical judgment – is crucial to their early success as practicing nurses and results in less frustration, fewer mistakes, higher job satisfaction and less turnover. Next Generation NCLEX addresses clinical judgment skills in future nurses. We’ve created resources to help your students prepare for this testing evolution.

The NCLEX Experience

With NCSBN testing Next Generation NCLEX item types to expand the measurement of entry-level nursing competence in the area of clinical judgment, early student exposure to NCLEX is critical. Our NCLEX Experience video series will add informative content to your curriculum – prior to official implementation of varying question types – to help your students prepare for whatever exam updates come their way. The NCLEX Experience is first of its kind to start to prepare your students for the most important test of their academic careers.

NCLEX Experience content:

  • Eight NCLEX and Next Generation 
    NCLEX-focused videos

    • The NCLEX Experience
    • NCLEX Tips & Strategies
    • Next Generation NCLEX Research
    • (5) Next Generation NCLEX Item Types
  • Sample questions to practice potential Next  Generation NCLEX item types

Next Generation NCLEX item types:

  • Extended multiple-response
  • Extended drag-and-drop
  • CLOZE embedded-answer reading- comprehension
  • Enhanced hot-spot
  • Dynamic-exhibit
  • Constructed-response

NCLEX Experience allows educators to:

  • Provide their students with NCLEX tips and strategies earlier than ever before
  • Get a sneak peek at the first product on the market to detail  Next Generation NCLEX content

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