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Energize your classroom with ATI tools and resources

You’re preparing your syllabi and heading back to school with tried and true practices that work for your classroom. That’s great. At ATI, we want to supplement what’s already working as well as offer new, upgraded, and integrated tools and resources to help you energize and engage your students all year long.

ATI Video Case Studies

Video Case Studies was designed to help you improve classroom efficiency by allowing your students to work through concepts at their own pace. These innovative case studies allow you to flip your classroom easily and effectively.

Students watch each video scenario and respond as if they were in an actual clinical setting.

Students interact with peers by sharing responses, reviewing, and critiquing.

Students watch responses from experts including instructors as they guide discussions and facilitate conversation.
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Video Case Studies can be used as an independent study tool or part of large and small group discussions.

Suggested uses:

Use as a flipped classroom.

  • Assign to students the following steps to be completed outside of class (Challenge, Peer Review, Expert and Recap).
  • Have students come back to class to discuss learning using the classroom activities and discussion questions found in the Educator Implementation Guide.
  • Then have the students take the quiz

Use as an independent study tool or homework for students.

  • Working through concepts independently helps solidify concepts and generate richer classroom discussion.

Break into small group sessions during class.

  • Working in small groups helps build teamwork and learn from opposing or alternate ideas.

Learning System 2.0

Learning System 2.0 are practice assessments perfect for formative quizzing. Content areas were created to align with the Content
 Mastery Series.

1.0 to 2.0
We’ve taken Learning System from 1.0 to 2.0. and it’s available right now to enhance your fall syllabi. The 2.0 version of Learning System, has relabeled pharmaceutical drugs to generic names. Also in the update, tests have been renamed “quizzes” to better reflect Learning System’s value as a formative quizzing tool. The 1.0 version of Learning System will be removed from your account.

Skills Modules 2.0

Skills Modules teaches 30 critical nursing skills in an evidence-based environment. Skills Modules saves student and faculty time by making sure each student is prepared for skills lab prior to entry.

1.0 to 2.0
The latest version of Skills Modules includes several new skills to reflect the most recent evidence-based practice. For ease of use, step-by-step viewing, practice challenges, documentation guides, and more have been updated. The 1.0 version of Skills Modules will be removed from your account.

Targeted Medical-Surgical Assessments

Targeted Medical-Surgical is a 30-item test offering an assessment of your students’ basic comprehension and mastery of adult medical surgical nursing principles in 9 content areas. This year, Target Medical-Surgical has been updated based on the 2016 NCLEX-RN test plan and is ready to incorporate into your fall syllabi.

PN Comprehensive Predictor

The Comprehensive Predictor is an end-of-program exam that offers each student their individual probability of passing the NCLEX-PN® on the first attempt. The PN Comprehensive Predictor has been updated to reflect the most recent NCLEX-PN test plan. Also, students now have access to two practice tests.

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