New assessment formats and technology allow nurse educators to monitor progress without in-depth questioning or micromanaging.

Close the knowledge Gap Today with tomorrow's individualization.




It is difficult to find time to provide students with personalized instruction.


New tools offer customized learning paths based on students’ performance.

You know the amount of content in a curriculum is extensive – even overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, spending one-on-one time with every student to understand their challenges and help them craft a custom learning path is sometimes impractical. Learning System 3.0, BoardVitals and Focused Review 2.0 can help your students study more efficiently when you don’t have the time to dedicate to each of them.

Research demonstrates that formative quizzing is an effective, evidence-based instructional technique, and Learning System 3.0 makes it easier than ever for you to create different kinds of quizzes for your students, including adaptive quizzes. Focused Review 2.0 encourages your students to review and prepare for proctored ATI exams more efficiently. BoardVitals continues to be the best NCLEX-prep quiz bank on the market. With personalized learning, your students can excel at their own pace.

Learning System 3.0

This extensive quiz bank gives faculty and students insights into students’ comprehension and development throughout nursing school. Pre-set quizzes, quizzes customized to students’ specific needs and an adaptive quizzing engine with a question tagging feature delivers challenging items tailored to students’ ability level. Our quizzes enhance students’ test-taking skills by asking them to critically read test items and build test-taking strategies accordingly.

Learning System 3.0 includes over 3,000 unique items, including alternative format items, and allows faculty to easily administer standard, adaptive or customized quizzes in the following content areas:

Community Health

Maternal Newborn*
Mental Health*
Nursing Care of Children*

*Denotes adaptive capability

Learning System 3.0 provides students:

  • New quizzes by category and adaptive quizzing practice during nursing school
  • Three quizzing modes for different instructional environments:
    • Timed Mode – rationales are disabled to provide a medium-intensity testing environment
    • Review Mode – provides the ability to review rationales as students answer questions
    • Adaptive Mode – adjusts to students’ performance and provides easier or more challenging questions, based on students’ answers
  • A “hint” button that highlights key words in the stem of each item within the standard quizzes to help students as they proceed toward the correct answer
  • Increased confidence and experience answering NCLEX®-style questions, including an adaptive environment
  • The option to build quizzes and remediate in specific content areas


With BoardVitals, students can build customized quizzes focusing on specific content areas or assess their comprehensive knowledge through adaptive quizzes in preparation for the NCLEX. Many students feel the best way to prepare for the NCLEX is to practice, practice, practice. Our question bank consists of 3,000+ NCLEX-style questions that allows students to do just that – plus gain the invaluable experience of working through questions and receiving thorough detailed rationales.

BoardVitals features:

  • 3,000+ RN and 1,000+ PN NCLEX-style questions including alternate format items
  • Deep rationales that thoroughly review concepts using art and visuals to help with understanding and retention
  • Practice connection feature to help students connect concepts to practice

Students can build exams in three modes:

  • Timed Mode – rationales are disabled to provide a medium-intensity testing environment
  • Review Mode – provides the ability to review rationales as students answer questions
  • Adaptive Mode – adjusts to students’ performance and provides easier or more challenging questions based on how students answer the previous questions

Focused Review 2.0

Focused Review 2.0 is a personalized learning engine that is focused on helping students identify specific knowledge gaps on each assessment. Available on all proctored and practice assessments, Focused Review 2.0 allows students to dive deeper into material not yet mastered. Students can annotate, bookmark and highlight content within the Review Module eBooks, and have access to Active Learning Templates to help organize their thoughts and study notes. Students also receive a post-study quiz with questions based on their weaknesses and rationales that indicate performance as they progress through the quiz.

Learning System 3.0 and BoardVitals allow educators to:

  • Create and send customized or adaptive exams to students or utilize questions in the classroom
  • Assign exams to an entire class or select individuals for targeted remediation or comprehensive quizzing
  • Build and manage classes to create groups of students that are frequently  sent assignments
  • Monitor student engagement and track performance to serve as a proactive  remediation tool, including performance reports for each assignment that can  be sent directly to the student

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