Concept-Based Curriculum Assessments

In 2017 ATI will release four standardized, nationally-benchmarked assessments developed specifically for concept-based curriculums, the first of their kind in nursing education. These assessments feature 46 concepts commonly shared among concept-based curriculums across the U.S. Because of their standardization, these assessments can even be used to compare learning outcomes across cohorts and programs.

ATI leveraged the expertise of more than 85 concept-based curriculum nurse educators through an extensive research and piloting process. We then put these assessments through numerous rounds of quantitative and qualitative review with subject experts to ensure appropriateness and universality of each concept and exemplar and to determine the most suitable intervals or times in which to assess.

These assessments take concept-based curriculum testing to a whole new level with the data and support you’ve come to love and know as standard from ATI.

Custom Assessment Builder

In addition to our data collection and NCLEX preparation tools, we help you gauge student knowledge and remediation needs through a test authoring tool designed specifically for concept-based curriculums. ATI’s Custom Assessment Builder allows you to build custom concept-based assessments such as formative quizzes, course finals, etc. and features 46 different concepts to choose from.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Nursing Process
  • Body Function
  • Clinical Areas
  • Dosage calculation
  • QSEN
  • NLN Competency
  • Acute/Chronic
  • Priority Setting
  • BSN Essentials