Improve your classroom efficiency by allowing students to build a solid foundational understanding of concepts before class.

Video Case Studies

Our unique approach

Flipping your classroom doesn’t have to be a strenuous process. Our video cases are directly aligned to the Content Mastery Series® content areas so you can utilize the scenarios throughout your curriculum.

50 RN Case Studies@2x

Engage students throughout nursing school



Learn by doing

Your students become engaged by immersing themselves into each video scenario, then provide responses as if they were in an actual clinical setting.


Learn from peers

Your students will not only learn from sharing their own responses but also by reviewing, critiquing and discussing their peer’s responses as well.


Learn from experts

In addition to learning from their peers, your students will watch scenario responses from experts, including instructors as they guide classroom discussions and facilitate engaging conversations.

Additional features

View Progress

Monitor your students’ progress and performance from the dashboard

Flexible Control

Adjust settings as needed to keep students on track and engaged throughout

Provide Feedback

View individual video responses and provide personalized feedback

Reinforce Learning

Guide your students with classroom questions, activities, and quizzes

Slide 1

“I loved watching my student’s respond. The only time I normally get to do that is in clinical.”

Slide 2

“I liked the fact I was asked to address real issues that challenged me to think critically.”

“Being able to hear other student’s responses and their analysis of the situation helped expand my overall view.”

“This is a very valuable learning tool. It gives us something from students we don’t normally get using traditional teaching methods.”

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