Video Case Studies

ATI is always innovating. So what’s coming down the pipeline now? Well, we can’t give it all away, but one tool we’re really excited to launch is our Concept-Based Curriculum Assessments. We’re the first and the only to offer data-driven and data-producing assessments that strategically align with a concept-based curriculum, and we’re working hard to share them soon. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek!

Video Case Studies push your students past didactic learning by asking them to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in your classroom by articulating their own answers to substantive questions.

How it works:

In every case a student watches a short video that simulates a situation or issue commonly encountered in clinical practice, ending with a question that goes to the essence of the issue presented by the case. Students record their answers and upload them to the ATI platform so they can become part of an online classroom discussion.

Students critique one another and learn from one another, while their instructor can easily monitor students’ responses.

The perfect active learning tool

Rote memorization and recitations won’t help students here. They must articulate complex ideas in their own words. If they can explain it clearly, you know they’re on their way to conceptual understanding.

Case studies are focused and practice and help students prepare for common situations they will face in practice.

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